We immerse our customers in a wholesale experience that delights and excites.

We strive to define a new omni-channel experience in the luxury goods market. Our product management team leverages our local market intelligence, unique insights and rigorous data analytics to constantly innovate and adapt our services and continually deliver the best offerings for our customers.

We tackle the industry’s challenges with a clear purpose – to continually exceed customer expectations. We familiarize ourselves with the latest trends, and pro-actively work with the customers to maximize their business.


We build relationships on mutual trust, respect, and integrity. Our longstanding partnerships with all our key stakeholders form the backbone of our success. Our steadfast commitment to these relationships has weathered challenging environments, and together, we’ve cultivated a sustainable growth model for business. Most importantly, we have grown together with our stakeholders and that is something we are proud of. We are continuously striving to offer better solutions for our customers and suppliers – with merchandize, payment facilities, logistic facilities, or overall service levels.


Our experienced logistics team ensures that you have the product on time and with a high standard of conformity to order. We understand the importance of getting you the inventory you need to keep your customers happy. We aim to keep pace with consumer trends to get new products to you before the market.


We are passionate about what we do. Tenacity, strength of purpose and sense of ownership are deep-rooted in our corporate culture. Our team has a passion for procuring hard-to-find luxury goods for our customers. We enjoy a challenge and work hard to continually exceed the expectations of our customers. After all, ACME was derived from our motto – Above Customer and Market Expectations!


We do not compromise in our pursuit of excellence. We strive for excellence in our logistics functions, customer-facing operations, and post-purchase support. We know that our past successes do not guarantee our future, so we relentlessly strive for world-class excellence.